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Homeward Bound Knit Romper - Taupe

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Step into comfort and style like never before with our Homeward Bound Knit Romper in Taupe —a delightful ensemble that effortlessly marries cozy with chic. This is your passport to a world where fashion meets comfort, where the softest hugs of fabric embrace your every move. Crafted with love and the softest yarns, this romper is an ode to comfort. The knit fabric drapes you in a gentle embrace, inviting you to relish the luxurious feeling against your skin.

74% Acrylic 22% Polyester  4% Spandex
  • Size S: Length measures 32” from shoulder to hem with a 32” bust and 28” waist
  • Size M: Length measures 32.5” from shoulder to hem with a 34” bust and 30” waist
  • Size L: Length measures 33” from shoulder to hem with a 36” bust and 32” waist